Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Still Alive

I haven't updated because I've been in the process of moving to New York.
I also just spent 4 days in the hospital for failing to breathe successfully. I almost joined the host of people who died this past week (Heath Ledger, Bobby Fischer, Brad Renfro), but I pulled through and triumphed over two successful actors and a chess god.
Anyways, shit is going down everywhere on Earth now. The Palestinians busted through the wall and poured into Egypt, the world economy went into a little panic, a bunch of people wrote up all the times Bush has lied to us about threats in the past 7 years, and everyone found out just how fucking crazy Scientology is.

That's it.

I swear I'll update again because I have nothing else to do and people have actually been complaining (and by people I mean 2 people).

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