Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Nothing's Shocking

Today Bush vetoed expanding children's health care. After doing this he punched a baby in the face and then ate a kitten (pictured).

The reasons that he gave were "poor kids first", "I believe in private health care" and "It's too expensive".
First of all, how does expanding coverage to more children make the health care received any worse? The poor children are already covered, how does it make things worse for them if we extend that coverage to the "not-so-poor".
I believe people are thinking about this issue like an elastic is being stretched out to cover more people, thereby making the coverage "thinner". When in reality it's just getting a bigger elastic - the same coverage for more people.

This would cost more money, yes.
It would take $35 Billion over the next five years.
The Iraq war has cost over $400 Billion in under five years.
This is a bill that will save children's lives.
This bill doesn't include cool tanks and bombs and M16s.
And yet, it gets shot down by our president for being "too expensive".

Furthermore he said that he was worried that people who are on private health care would sign up for state-sponsored health care.
I see a fault in this argument.
If private health care is supposed to be the bee's knees, and state health care is supposed to be awful... then why would people sign up for worse health care?
To save money?
Last time I checked, people don't skimp when it comes to the "you got in a car accident and are about to die" issues. If state-sponsored health care is such a draw that people are willing to give up their shiny, expensive private health care, then why don't we all try to get it?

The agenda behind this, of course, is political school-yard antics.
The Republicans are pissed that they didn't fare too well in the 2006 elections. However, they still had a President in office who would veto a bill to bring sunshine and lollipops to all the children of the world if it meant that some Democrats would get angry. So the Republicans were eager to veto the first thing they could. The Democrats saw this and pushed forward a bill that looked so good and would make whoever went against it like Satan.
Well, they turned it down.
It's kind of like that part in the movie where the dude grabs a hot chick to use as a human shield, thinking that no one would take a shot at him for fear of hitting the babe. Then the police sniper takes his M82 and blasts a huge fucking hole through the babe's chest to shoot the guy with the gun.
If only politics were really like that...

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