Friday, October 5, 2007

The US Does Not Torture People

President Bush said today that the US doesn't torture people. Which is a relief because I thought that those pictures from Abu Ghraib and testimonials from people imprisoned at Guantanamo were real. It's nice to know that President Bush can tell us the truth about US policy once and for all.

In all fairness, though, if you thought that the US wasn't torturing people long before Bush, then you've been living in a dream world.

How can he deny the plausibility of the US torturing people at Guantanamo Bay when his administration has consistently pointed out that the people held there were not protected under the Geneva Convention. Why else would they say this so frequently if the rules of the Geneva Convention weren't being followed? The War on Terror isn't a formal war, therefore the people we detain are not soldiers of war. Easy enough, right? So torture away.

We are told that the information that comes from these interrogations save American lives, but we are never told of where A meets B - where the information leads to anything. Americans are kept so in the dark that it's difficult to formulate a substantial opinion on the issue rather than our reactions to the baser aspects of the act itself. Of course, the information given by the detained is confidential, very hush-hush and so forth.

The unwashed masses in the US have a mentality that since terrorists brutalize and murder our soldiers and journalists, we have a right to do the same to them. Good thing Hammurabi's Code is the basis for civil law... right.
I don't see how people (especially Christians) can justify the US torturing our enemies on that basis that they do the same to us.
It confounds me.
We are supposed to be better than our enemy. We are not supposed to be childish and immature (no matter how good that may feel) and antagonize them. With the large Christian base in the US, I find it surprising that many so-called Christians are supporting entirely un-Christ-like notion that whatever they do to us, we can do to them. It only perpetuates war to think like that.

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