Saturday, October 13, 2007

Blackwater Don't Give a Fuck

Blackwater must exclusively hire people who want to emulate gangsta rap lyrics.
A US Army colonel recently came forward and detailed a 2006 incident in which Blackwater employees pulled their weapons on a Humvee full of our nation's troops.

The incident (as described in the article I just linked, but, come on, I want to tell a story) occurred after a Blackwater SUV crashed into an Army Humvee. The Blackwater employees then exited the SUV, drew their weapons on the soldiers and ordered them to lie on the ground while they got their SUV free from the wreckage.

This all happened in the green zone and the story has been confirmed by the head of another security firm that's in Iraq.

How much must that suck? You're in the military, in the middle of the desert and you crash US property into an SUV filled with pissed-off, wannabe gangsta, rednecks. Not only are you gonna catch shit because you crashed the Humvee, but you have a bunch of M4s being shoved in your face, forcing you to lie down in the hot sand.
And they say Democrats don't "support the troops"?

I'd really like it if my tax money wasn't going toward these fucksticks who are pulling guns on our own troops.
It seems like a vicious circle: The US troops try to maintain good relations with the Iraqis (especially lately, since they have to make up for the private security firms), while these private security cowboys ride around on the tax-payers dollar and fuck things up. Every time we get a step ahead, the rug gets pulled back two steps.

When Erik Prince was reached for a comment on the incident he responded "Deez nuts!" and promptly hung up.

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