Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Richard Cheney is Kind of a Dick

I haven't updated in a month. So sue me. I would like to say that I was off battling grizzly bears and making love to many beautiful women, but the truth is that I was battling polar bears and banging hookers.

I was planning on deleting my blog and starting a new one that was devoted to serious political debate, but then I saw this article.
If you're too lazy to read the article, I'll summarize: Dick Cheney is so bad at hunting that - not only does he shoot old men in the face - but he hunts animals that have been caged their whole lives and have no idea how to survive in the wild.

A quote in the article says that what he does is the equivalent to "having sex with a blowup doll," which is really, truly, excessive. Nowhere in any article relating to Mr. Cheney should you mention sex. It's just sick to correlate the two thoughts.

But no, they go on and mention viagara. Seriously.

Now we have to think about Cheney's impotence as well as his pathetic sex life (Note: if you have to take viagara in order to just have sex with a blowup doll - kill yourself).

I hate to advocate the sort of ad hominem bullshit that the Neocons are famous for (Obama doesn't like to have his appearance made fun of - don't vote!), but a man who takes joy in killing animals who are at a severe, artificial disadvantage is one thing - a sadistic dick who should probably not be in public office. It's one thing if you go out there with a rifle and hunt wild game, but this sort of "hunting" is just cartoonishly evil.

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