Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Colin Powell: "Terrorists are Not Our Greatest Threat"

I get the feeling that Colin Powell would tell you how much he hated the Bush administration if you got a few beers into him. Maybe GQ got him drunk when they took this incredibly creepy picture of his face for their piece.
Jesus Christ, he looks like one of those homeless guys who have two-sided arguments with parking meters.
Drunk or not, he managed to say something smart:

"What is the greatest threat facing us now? People will say it's terrorism. But are there any terrorists in the world who can change the American way of life or our political system? No. Can they knock down a building? Yes. Can they kill somebody? Yes. But can they change us? No. Only we can change ourselves. So what is the great threat we are facing?"
What's he saying there? Basically that we can't let Bush take away our privacy, civil liberties and... uh... what's that other thing... oh yeah, our constitution. But that thing is over 200 years old, so no one gives a fuck about it anymore. Right? He also says something else smart that would piss off most Republicans:
"America could not survive without immigration," he says. "Even the undocumented immigrants are contributing to our economy. That's the country my parents came to. That's the image we have to portray to the rest of the world: kind, generous, a nation of nations, touched by every nation, and we touch every nation in return."
Holy shit. Did he just say that America should fool around with the rest of the world? I'm pretty sure that Australia has the clap, but Sweden's looking pretty nice up there.
He makes a good point that America is now a nation of immigrants (since we fucking laid waste to the native population, setting the tone for the next few hundred years...).

We shouldn't forget that without immigration, and the prompt massacre of anyone already here, America wouldn't be the country that it is today; drunk with power, wandering into other countries and blathering on about how Canada used to be so much cooler, and how Britain was always down to party, before passing out somewhere around the Falklands, promptly starting another war.

But the threat of Bush chipping away the very existence of what makes this a free country is so real that it's becoming very, very scary. On October 1st, there's a new branch of Homeland Security that will be spying on you called The National Applications Office. So we'll officially have a telescope pointing inwards, to our own country.

Why is the government doing this? Because there are two things that gives Bush sustenance: Taking away the civil liberties of Americans, and eating the still-beating heart of a kitten.
And he's fresh out of kittens.

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