Thursday, September 6, 2007

Iraq Might Be a Mess...

Even though Bush claimed that "we're kicking ass" in Iraq; we are not.
Not even by a long shot.

But it's not surprising he thinks that because, according to ex-CIA officers, he doesn't give a fuck about intelligence (9th paragraph down). Did Bush ban televisions from the White House? I could ask a fetus how Iraq was doing and it'd give me a more accurate answer.

Keep in mind that this man, our President (Dick Chen... I mean, George Bush), couldn't even remember why he dissolved the native Iraqi army.

God, it's so much easier to just picture this like when you were a little kid and you had to work on this school project with someone you didn't know. And after you start working on the project he gets distracted and you just want him to leave.

Iraq: "Hey, thanks for your help, but... really, you can go now, I can finish this project by myself"
America (playing on Iraq's XBox): "Yeah, in a minute."
10 minutes later...
Iraq: "Dude, really, you need to go. This is getting annoying, you're just over here because your mom gives you money to work on school projects. Also, Jimmy Al Qaeda lives right next door and he keeps throwing rocks at my house because you're over here and he hates you"
America (throws down the controller): "FINE! You like your precious project so much? (stomps all over Iraq's school project) THERE, now you NEED me, motherfucker!"

Now I hear that the Iraqi federal police is saying that they can't do the job anymore because they're spread too thin (what a bunch of pansies, it's only 438,317 square kilometers). Maybe getting rid of the Iraq Army for no apparent reason was a bad idea, because we kind of need supplementary military forces over there that aren't our own (especially since 2/3 of the ENTIRE FUCKING PLANET doesn't want us there).

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