Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Someone Said Something About Darfur.

From the BBC...
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon (wtf?) went to Darfur and was apparently "shocked and humbled" by the sight of a refugee camp.
Ki-Moon assured people that the plan to send a 26,000-strong peacekeeping force was right on track.
Well, that's nice. Right on track? So those 26,000 soldiers should be there any time now, right?
By "right on track," Ki-Moon meant "they'll be here in a year, motherfuckers."
That's right. The UN Peacekeeping force will be there in a year.

Holy shit. Why didn't he just go around the refugee camp scarfing down Big Macs and calling conflict diamonds "bling bling" while he was at it.

200,000 people have died. Like, not coming back to life dead. And there's a fucking year long delay to send UN support.
How convoluted does a bureaucracy have to do stuff like this?
Anyone remember what happened Rwanda? Of course you do - there was a movie made about it. By the time the UN got an effective (read: able to shoot people) force there, almost 1 million people had died.
It must be hard to be part of the UN.
I bet they just play Bioshock on XBox all day. That's a pretty sweet game. If I had to save thousands of people from a grisly death and there was an XBox 360 in front of me, I would have a hard time getting around to it.

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