Friday, September 28, 2007

What the Hell...

You know what's great?
Lots and lots of debt.

We all know that the American people love debt. Which is why the Senate, in their infinite and uncorrupted wisdom, increased the federal debt limit from $8.9 trillion to $9.8 trillion (they thought that if they switched the numbers around then no one would notice).
This is the 5th time they've had to do it since Bush has been in office. They've increased the debt limit nearly $4 trillion dollars (which is worth more than all the tea in China, for those curious).

Lets do some math:
The debt limit now $9.8 trillion. If they've increased it by nearly $4 trillion, then they've almost doubled the federal debt limit in eight years.

Why did they do this? Maybe because everyone knows that Bush is asking for $190 billion dollars for his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Afghan war is going so well that Osama may have escaped U.S. forces... MAY have... apparently our intelligence isn't good enough to know a flying fuck about the most notorious man in the world.

This is an amazing way for a country to work. If the government finds themselves unable to get more money because of a limit imposed, they just change the limit. The same idea works for laws, I'm sure.

Now, here's an interesting thing about the vote:
The votes came out to be 94 for and 1 against (thanks Russ Feingold, it was a noble effort). There were 5 missing senators - all of them running for president. Clinton, Obama, Biden, McCain, and Brownback.
This is because there is no good way to vote for this gap-widening for the war money.
If they vote against it, they look like they're not supporting the troops (which is a bullshit phrase, by the way).
If they vote for it, they look like a bunch of fucking idiots. Which is why they took the typical politician's route out of it and acted like the problem wasn't there.

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