Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Steve Jobs is a dick.

iPhone price 2 months ago: $599
iPhone price as of today: $399

It's amazing how fast Apple found a cheaper way to produce the iPhone in 2 magical months. Steve Jobs must do a lot of coke.

But these kinds of things are to be expected from Apple.
I bought a Powerbook a few years ago, and its processor was 1.33GHz. A month after I bought it, they kept the price and changed the processor to 1.66GHz. I wasn't that mad because the performance increase wasn't that dramatic.

Last November they unveiled the G5 iMac and it was cool, everyone was like "Oh, cool, now we get the G5 in the iMacs. I will now purchase one." Then BAM! Apple switches over to the Intel Core Duo processors a few months later. Mass suicide sweeps the nation.

Now they make such a fuss about releasing the iPhone and lure in the geeks like a Dutch hooker, who will pay anything for new technology or sex, and then lower the price by the SAME amount it would take to hire a real prostitute.

It's a brilliant marketing tactic:
Step 1. Release a cool, somewhat-innovative device that is crippled on some key features, but is so aesthetically appealing that people buy it anyways.
Step 2. Wait a few months and then lower the price substantially, or remedy the lacking features.
Step 3. Have everyone who already bought the 1st generation device buy another one (e.g. Profit!)

To top it all off, the special AT&T return policy on the iPhone was 14 days instead of the regular policy of 30 days. At least the 4GB phone has gone down in price. Oh, how fast do things become obsolete.

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